QPI-1007 is a drug called a “small interfering ribonucleic acid”, or “siRNA”. siRNA drugs are designed to temporarily block cells from making specific proteins. QPI-1007 is designed to temporarily block the cells of the body from making a protein called “caspase 2”. High levels of caspase 2 have been found when cells are damaged due to lack of oxygen. Caspase 2 is thought to contribute to the death of these damaged cells. In NAION, nerve cells become damaged because of lack of oxygen. Temporarily stopping the nerve cells in the eye from making caspase 2 after they are damaged could give the cells more time to make repairs which may prevent further loss of vision and possibly improve vision. The study drug, QPI-1007, is injected into the eye because it needs to come into contact with eye nerve cells. QPI-1007 is being studied to determine its ability to treat vision loss that can occur in NAION.

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